Lip Injections: 5 Lessons for Luscious Lips

lip augmentation : Juvederm : Restylane : Botox : Alloderm : fat injections


Keep reading and learn the 5 ways you can have full luscious lips like these!

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lip augmentation : Juvederm : Restylane : Botox : Alloderm : fat injections


It’s Kim! She’s got a very beautiful mouth with those youthful upturned corners, pretty cupid’s bow, and the perfect proportion of fullness on the top and bottom.  Here’s the skinny on lip augmentation.

1. Fillers

Fillers like Juvederm and Restylane, which are both in the “HA” category, are an easy and inexpensive way to plump your ‘pout. Each of these products has a slightly different look at feel, so be sure to ask your plastic surgeon about the pluses and minuses of each before you choose. The procedure can be done in the office under local anesthesia in about 10-15 minutes. You’ll leave with a little swelling, but you’ll see a difference immediately!  Once the swelling goes away after a few days, you’ll be left with fuller, more luscious lips that will last about 4-6 months depending on the filler you choose. Be careful about using fillers that are not “HA” fillers, like Radiesse, because they can form lumps and nodules after a few weeks. The best (and worst) benefit of the HA’s is that the result is temporary. If you don’t like how they turn out, you can simply let the material dissolve away. If you love your new lips, you’ll have to have the procedure repeated about every 6 months.

2. Fat

Using fat for lip augmentation is a great alternative to fillers because it offers more permanent result. Under local anesthesia in the office, your plastic surgeon will take a little fat from your tummy, hips, or thighs, and then use very fine cannulas to inject the fat into your lips. The obvious benefit here is that a little liposuction is included, and I’m not sure I know anyone who would pass on that opportunity (Lady Gaga?). The second major benefit of fat is that is permanent.  You may need a few procedures to get the perfect level of plump, but after you get there, you’re done. The fact that the results aren’t temporary like they are with Juvederm means that you’re kinda stuck if you don’t like being enhanced, so make sure you’re sure before you have the procedure. The downtime with fat injections is a little longer than with fillers because only about 50% of the original amount of fat injected will survive, so in order to compensate for that, your surgeon will likely inject more to start.  This means that you’ll look a little more plump than you might want at the beginning, but once fat settles you’ll look great!

3. Alloderm

Alloderm used to be a very popular lip augmentation product, but it has fallen out of favor recently because of the availability of the newer fillers. Like fat, Alloderm offers a permanent result, but it comes at a price. The product itself is quite expensive, so do some research before you decide. Just like the other options, an Alloderm lip augmentation can be done in the office under local anesthesia. Your plastic surgeon will make two tiny incisions at the corners of your mouth and then thread a strip of the product along your upper or lower lip. You will see the difference immediately, and you’ll probably have less swelling than with fat injections. The main problem with Alloderm is that the strip needs to be placed exactly in the right place or it will look a little funny. Fillers and fat can be massaged into the right place after they are injected, but Alloderm can’t.  So, if you want the ‘derm, make sure your plastic surgeon is really a plastic surgeon so you can trust that he will do you right!

4. Muscle Tissue

Some surgeons use a strip of tissue from one of the major muscles in the neck, called the sternocleidomastoid muscle, to augment lips. This is the same basic idea as the Alloderm augmentation, but you get a strip of your own muscle instead of a strip of processed skin. This procedure is not very popular yet, so we’ll have to wait and see how the results turn out.

5. Silicone

I’m only going to say this once… DO NOT LET ANYONE INJECT SILICONE INTO YOUR LIPS! I don’t care how famous your doctor is, or how many times they’ve done it, don’t listen to them. Some of the worst complications of lip augmentation are from silicone injections, and they are usually very difficult, if not impossible, to fix. Not convinced?  Take a look at this: Click here.

There you have it.  Five lessons for luscious lips. As with anything in cosmetic surgery, the key is moderation. Go for a subtle plump and you’ll be getting new stares in no time!

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