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Fantastic Filler Facts! 3 Things You Never Knew You Could Inject

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The list of uses for injectables and fillers is expanding every day. Products like Juvederm and Restylane are no longer confined to the lips, and are now moving south to other areas.

Keep reading to check out the 3 things you never knew you could inject!

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The 5 Best Ways To Look Younger With Fillers and Fat Injections

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Perpetually youthful celeb Heather Locklear was recently spotted with a newly puffy face.  Did she have filler or fat injections to plump things up a bit?  We think so!

Keep reading to find out why…

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“Liquid” Rhinoplasty?

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As fillers become more and more popular, plastic surgeons are coming up with a wider profile of uses for these fantastic injections. Take a look at this picture of Sandra Bullock, who is aging so well that she’s making every woman in our office jealous 🙂 One of the first things that you notice about Sandra is that cute little cleft in her nose that we don’t even pay much attention to anymore because we’re used to seeing it on her. If we think back to one of her first blockbuster roles in Speed, we can all picture that little divot in our mind’s eye.

Let’s say “Sandy” wanted to fix that little notch one day… what would her options be?

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