“Liquid” Rhinoplasty?

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As fillers become more and more popular, plastic surgeons are coming up with a wider profile of uses for these fantastic injections. Take a look at this picture of Sandra Bullock, who is aging so well that she’s making every woman in our office jealous 🙂 One of the first things that you notice about Sandra is that cute little cleft in her nose that we don’t even pay much attention to anymore because we’re used to seeing it on her. If we think back to one of her first blockbuster roles in Speed, we can all picture that little divot in our mind’s eye.

Let’s say “Sandy” wanted to fix that little notch one day… what would her options be?

#1  Makeup

This is the easiest and cheapest option. A professional makeup artist could easily work some magic with the tiny highlights on either side of that notch to hide it. The downside would of course be that she would have to do this every single day, and she would have to find makeup that stayed on like there’s no tomorrow. While this might be possible for a millionaire celeb, it’s not the most practical idea for the rest of us.

#2  Rhinoplasty

If this notch really bothered her, she could seek the service of her favorite plastic surgeon and have a rhinoplasty (nosejob) procedure. The little cleft could be fixed by putting a few tiny sutures on the inside of the nose to bring the separated cartilages closer together. All the incisions would be on the inside of the nose, so there wouldn’t be any visible scars.  The main advantage of this option is that her surgeon could also fix anything else she might want to change at the same time.  Maybe she wants a little hump fixed, or maybe she wants her nose to be a little narrower… whatever change she wants, she could have with a real rhinoplasty procedure.  The downside is that it is surgery, so there is a short recovery period and an associate expense.

#3  “Liquid” Rhinoplasty

With fab fillers like Juvederm, Sandra now has the option of having the divot filled!  This can be done in the office in about 5 minutes, and is far less expensive than a surgical nosejob. The results are immediate, and there’s hardly no “recovery” period. Her plastic surgeon would inject about 0.1-0.3cc of filler directly into the cleft and massage it into place so it looks perfect. She would leave the office with a prettier nose and get back to whatever plans she had that day. The only downside of this technique is that she would have to have the procedure repeated about once a year, although there is some new evidence that suggests fillers may last even longer in the nose (sometimes up to 2 years).

The liquid rhinoplasty is also a great option if you’ve had a rhinoplasty in the past, or if you’ve broken your nose, and have a little bump, lump, or depression that you’re not happy with. It’s a super quick and easy way to mask tiny imperfections here and there, and the best part about it is that it can be used anywhere in the nose… not just the tip.

beautywithouttheblade.comSo the next time you’re go in to have your parentheses filled, ask your doc about Liquid Rhinoplasty!  It’s the ultimate in beauty… without the blade!

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3 responses to ““Liquid” Rhinoplasty?

  1. citypretty24

    Can you use filler on a chin cleft too?

    • MAS

      Absolutely! That’s definitely another place that fillers can work wonders… as long as you don’t mind having the procedure repeated every 4-6 months.

  2. m

    you guys are fabulous!! unbelievably real advise in the crazy world of beauty

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