Megan Fox is Gettin’ Cheeky With It! Check out her Cheekbone Augmentation!

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Gorgeous Transformers star Megan Fox has been doing a little transforming of her own!

Take a look at the new sultry alluring look she got from cheekbone augmentation, and keep reading to learn more about gettin’ cheeky with fillers!

Megan’s plastic surgeon likely used a filler like Juvederm, Evolence or Sculptra to pull off this amazing transformation. These fillers all have good lifting properties, but Scupltra lasts the longest by far (up to 2 years in some people). Fat transfer is another great option for cheekbone enhancement, but judging by the looks of Megan’s most recent modeling pics, we doubt this was an option for her… she doesn’t have an ounce of fat on her!

Megan is starting to look a little like her equally stunning action co-star Lady Lara Croft, otherwise known as Angelina Jolie! Hmmm….

Megan Fox plastic surgery, Megan Fox looks like Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox Cheek augmentation, Juvederm, Evolence, Sculptra, celebrity plastic surgery, celebrity cosmetic surgery


Jenny McCarthy is Gettin’ Cheeky With It too… check out her Cheekbone Augmentation by clicking here!

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24 responses to “Megan Fox is Gettin’ Cheeky With It! Check out her Cheekbone Augmentation!

  1. Whitecatthorn

    People are only noticing her surgery now?

    In 2007, when she was just 21 she started with her lips and her first nose job. Since then she’s had another nose job, chemical peels, dental work, a boob job, botox, mini brow lift, blepharoplasty (eye surgery) and she shaved her jaw line / got a chin implant.

    She has been having surgery for the past 3 years, and now she’s gone overboard with the cheek implants. What a waste of natural beauty.

    • MAS

      The breast implants look great on her… very natural, perfect size… not too “Hollywood” 🙂

      The nosejob looks OK, and it’s not surprising that she’s had it done given almost every actress is recommended to get one at some point.

      The lips and cheeks are where she’s gone overboard, but it’s easy to understand why if you think about it. Megan’s obviously not going to be an Oscar winner, but she does have tremendous potential in modeling. Take a look at her recent Armani billboards (… they’re gorgeous! She’s trying to achieve the strong jawline and prominent cheekbones that are prized possessions in the modeling industry, and she’s actually done it with the procedures she’s had.

      The only problem is that procedures like this also make her appear a little more masculine, which again is sometimes a valued look in modeling, and they also make her older than she really is. That being said, models have such a short “shelf-life” anyway, so I understand her sense of urgency to get the look she needs to make it as a big time model.

      The good news about the lips and cheeks is that they are most likely not permanent. Fillers are the most likely culprit here, not implants. She probably had something like Evolence or Sculptra injected over her cheekbones, and something a little softer like Juvederm injected into her lips. Evolence and Juvederm will “dissolve” in about 6 months, and Sculptra will stick around for 12-16 months. So, if you think about it, it’s not really that bad of an idea for her. She can get the look she needs now for her career, and then stop the injections whenever she wants with no ill effects. That’s the beauty of fillers.

      As far as her jaw goes, I do not agree that she had her jaw “shaved” down. I think that she had the angles of her jaw augmented to give her that strong model-esque jawline that photographers want to see. It’s tough to say whether or not this was done with an implant or a filler, but it’s obvious if you look closely at the pictures that her jawline is more defined and square, not shaved down. It’s impossible to tell whether or not she had a chin implant from the angle of these photos.

      All in all, she’s still a beautiful girl, and since most of us are not in the position to become an internationally recognized model anytime soon, we are also in no position to judge her decisions. However, we can get a better understanding of what the surgery is all about, and maybe take away a few pointers for ourselves… That’s why BWTB is all about 🙂

      Thanks for reading, and writing!

  2. Anonymous

    Thank you whitecatthorn!!!
    I’m so glad someone else has finally said something about her other procedures it frustrated the hell out of me when she initially had them done her nose and lips and botox is what i noticed a few years back and everyone was raving about how hot she was when it was soo obvious she had work done! Only now that it is pretty extreme people have noticed. In my opinion she was her most beautiful when she had a nose job and a little bit of lip filler. I think she’s had (what ever she did to her cheeks and lips) reversed because shes looking more normal now thank god

    • MAS

      Megan is definitely looking more like “herself” these days. We think that the work she had done has finally settled in, making her look less swollen and filled and much more natural and sexy. She might want to hold off on too much more until she gets to her late twenties or thirties, when she may actually need to refresh her looks!

    • Whitecatthorn

      I know, I used to get so p-off at the fact that everyone thought she was soo hot when I knew just how plastic she was back then already. Her face keeps morphing and every year she looks different. She’s had so much work done, and now a third nose job too! To get rid of the “flaring” nostrils that her second nose job gave her. She is as plastic as Heidi Montag yet no one ever goes on about how much surgery she’s had until she started looking “ugly” last year.

  3. Anonymous

    You don’t mess with your cheek bones! If you have the luck to have beautifully pronounced cheek bones, then you’re blessed- but if you don’t have them, you’ll have to live with it- it’s something that just can’t be achieved with plastic surgery… at at least, it can’t be achieved without looking like you have staples in your face 😉
    It’s something like dimples in your cheeks- there’s no way to get them and still look natural 🙂

    • MAS

      Fillers are definitely a tricky business! It takes a really skilled eye and a really good aesthetic plastic surgeon to keep you from looking like a cheesy chipmunk!

  4. Amanda

    I am truly, genuinely baffled by how people going ape-sh*t over this Megan Fox girl (is it becuase her name is easy to remember?)! Yeah, she was really naturally pretty in the face before her plastic surgery but even before she had any work done she was STILL no better looking than alot of the pretty girls you see walking around my local wal-Mart! In fact I see pretty girls everyday that I look at & think, wow, she’s prettier than Megan Fox. I am not in any way shape or form jealous of Megan Fox & I will be the 1st to admit that I think she is prettier than muaw when she has makeup on (she’s sooo plain without it), but I really, truthfully, just don’t get it when everybody is like OMG she is sooooo hot & sooooo beautiful! Umm, no she’s not, not compared to SO many women out there in the world that have never gone under the knife or had needles stuck in their face & lipsto have fillers &/or botox injected into them & who have don’t have their pictures photoshopped & airbrushed. Why not make an equally huge fuss over the everyday pretty girls that miss Fox is no better looking than?

    • Amanda

      Sorry for forgetting to edit before I submitted. I wish their was a way to go back & edit after submission.

    • MAS

      Hi Amanda- Phew! Thanks for the rant, and yes, we love all the “everyday-pretty” girls out there too. We also know plenty of girls who can actually act too, and they’re no where near getting on the silver screen. Life’s not fair-lol.
      Megan started with an unusual natural beauty and has chosen to enhance it with injectables. We think that she did it for professional reasons, since she is a Hollywood sex-symbol, but she likely wanted to try it out for personal reasons as well.
      Injectables are becoming the hottest trend in the beauty and aesthetic medicine worlds. Why not? Most of the products used are natural and not permanent. They are a great alternative to surgery for anyone who’s not quite ready or not looking for that much of a change.
      An open mind and curiosity are two keys to achieving inner beauty no matter who you are or what you choose to look like. Too bad we can’t inject that!

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  7. JordiePordy

    Ok I think everybody else has covered the area of how plastic Megan Fox is. But even looking at pictures of her before all the surgeries, I thought she’s pretty, but averagely pretty, nothing special :/ It’s like one of those millions pretty commercial faces we see on tv, or those fake pageants, etc, it’s like “yea pretty sure..”, next day I wouldn’t even remember I’ve seen them. Sorry, not special, no uniqueness.
    I don’t know how many times she’s had plastic surgeries, but that picture of her ‘old self’ is probably the worse I’ve seen of her to date.
    And I don’t know who wrote this article – and I don’t have the right to judge on anyone’s journalism skill – but “equally Angelina Jolie”?????????????????? Hahahahahaha
    Jolie oozes alluring, elegant, unique, sensual appeal without even trying, the words coming out of her mouth & the way she carries herself gracefully makes her even more of a heart breaker! Heck I’m a 100% straight woman but I gotta stop for a second every time I see her poster or picture in a magazine. And I’m not sure about this, but the farthest she’s gone with the plastic industry is probably her subtle nose job.
    Fox – on the other hand – screams ‘try hard’, ‘cheap’ & ‘dumb-ass’ every time she goes on the red carpet and opens up her mouth to the press. It makes her one of those ‘make-my-talentless-brainless-with-average-look-self-famous-barbies’, and far as I remember Hollywood already has thousands of them, we don’t really need another one right? I mean think about it – if Michael Bay decided to go with another girl when casting for the first Transformers movie (whom she moronically mocked in return, hence she got fired before the third installment) – do you really think she would’ve gotten ‘famous’? Because boys would just go nuts over any pretty skinny girl involved in an explosive robot movie, hello! I’m not even gonna start on her ignorant, idiotic rampant every time she comments on something, I’m sure you all can google and easily finds them. So just on her look alone, the ONLY time I’ve seen her as a bit more acceptable is on the Armani ads.. Maybe because the Armani people forbid her to have 2 kilos of make up slapped on her face like usual.. But then again modeling is nothing these days, thanks to photoshop..not only they can make people look slimmer and have smoother skin, but they can even change the poses *completely*. there anything honest in Hollywood left? Pfft.. but yea it’s her life, if she wants to have one of those short career based on the only thing she’s got: a not-so-special-look…pathetic, but she can go ahead and do it.. And when the sad modeling industry doesn’t wanna hire her anymore, she can get one of those horrid giant boob-job like the playboy bunnies and be a pornstar, cos she’s already got the *look* for it right 🙂

  8. wow its her life she can do whatever she likes with it as far as im concerned and thier are plenty of models and actresses who have had just as much surgery as megan fox and she has been looking great lately check her out on the cover of elle china

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  13. Anonymous

    I loved her transformers and her natural beauty. Even, if she had plastic surgery done in that movie. I think, she looks great. I am not certain, if I like her new look. She looks a little too old and feel her natural beauty is gone. She’s taken it too far!

  14. Anonymous

    On megan, umm some of you need to stop being insecure or jealous. I am definitely not a megan fox fan but no amount of plastic surgery is going to make an ugly girl a beautiful chick. You have to be already pretty to begin with. Maybe she had a nose job and some lips or injectables, but to claim all the things that this is being claimed here is outrageous and so petty. I am sure we have better things to do, maybe focusing on our own improvements rather than getting mad at people who think meg is pretty or natural. WHO CARES?! the girl’s pretty and if she wants to be prettier, so what, she’s not paying your bills, who really cares.

    On Jolie, she has a ton of things done, but I am not going to get into that, because that would reflect petty or insecurity to sit and rant about someone’s looks. To rant on their behavior and character is one thing because who they are matters, but what they look or choose to look, thats a personal choice. So ULGY GIRLS, leave the pretty ones alone, tired of ugly bitches being insecure over pretty chicks, Yeah i was one of the ugly bitches that how I can see the insecurity and claws!! I learned its better to focus on me as a person, it beats looking like an insecure average chick putting someone pretty down. Look at yourself before you claw others out, are you perfect? then stop expecting megan or jolie or anyone to be, we are humans, give us a break

  15. chris1000

    She looks a mess.. why did she do that.. love yourself!!!

  16. Anonymous

    Yike-she was a natural .beaut prior to surgery, What a mess. Human cartoon is what she is now.

  17. Anonymous

    she looks stunning before and after.. and changes are subtle . Women are just jealous of beautiful women. I would never say she is average pretty, she is a head turner hands down

  18. Matthew Terry

    She was a beautiful woman before the augmentation. Now, not so much. It was a mistake.

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