Did Lip Injections Cost Mia Lee Her Job?

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Mia Lee was a famous Los Angeles TV personality before she suddenly fell off the face of the earth! She hasn’t been seen on TV for over a year now, and we’re all wondering why?

Could it be because she got awful lip injections? Or maybe even permanent lip implants?

We think so, but we’re hoping, for her sake, that she got injected with one of the temporary fillers like Juvederm or Restylane. If not, it’s going to be a very long time before we see her again. Silicone injections and lip implants can only be reversed with more surgery, and the more surgery Mia has, the longer she’s going to be out of work.  Let’s hope she was smart and got the temporary injections… ask your favorite plastic surgeon for more details!

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4 responses to “Did Lip Injections Cost Mia Lee Her Job?

  1. Artist

    I liked her and was saddened to see her fall off the earth too. Anyone know what happened to her?

  2. put a bag over and shes perfect

    WTH is she trying to do to herself?? GOOD LORD, she was so hot before she paid to have her face massacred Ill just never understand why a woman as beautiful as her would risk her beauty like that on some ridiculous attempt at ‘perfection’. Boob jobs are the exception of course and she still has nice ones!

    • MAS

      “Perfection” is definitely subjective! We’ve been watching the lip injection trend continue to grow especially in the Hollywood crowd. Stars like Megan Fox, Lisa Rinna, and of course Heidi Montag are all proof that the puffy lip look isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. We can’t stress enough the importance of finding a qualified plastic surgeon if you’re even considering lip augmentation. That’s not just lip service 😉

      • Anonymous

        Mia Lee used to be so beautiful I remember watching her im thinking what a great role model she was and then I went out of the country for a few years came back and she was a monster.
        she has had breast implants whis r way too large for her small body because I used to see her in Beverly Hills and Malibu quite often she also has had her eyes which were beautiful and almond Asian shaped done she has also had this horrible lips put in and something seems to been done with her chin and jaw it’s really sad is just awful that Asians Latinas an African American women think they have to look Caucasian to compete in be beautiful

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