18-Year Old Gets Botox! Is Charice Too Young?

Filipino singing sensation Charice recently made the news… not because she went on tour, but because she went to get Botox! What in the world would make this beautiful 18-year old think that she needs Botox?

Keep Reading to find out…

Botox Is Famous For Fighting Wrinkles…

Nearly 30% of people who receive Botox are under the age of 30. Put that together with our youth-obsessed culture, the easy-access allure of cosmetic spas, and the proven track record of safety, and it’s no wonder why everyone wants to give Botoxshot (pun intended).

Botox is botulinum toxin, which works on the nerve endings in muscle tissue to promote paralysis. The muscles that we love to paralyze are the procerus (which causes the horizontal wrinkles between your eyes), the corrugators (which cause the vertical wrinkles between your eyes), the frontalis (which causes the horizontal wrinkles on your forehead), and the obicularis oculi (which causes those nasty Crow’s Feet).

All these little muscles work to let your emotions come through in your facial expressions, but over time, they also cause all those lines on your brow that none of us want to see.

But That’s Not All It Does…

Even though Botox is most famous for being a wrinkle fighter, that’s not the only thing it can do. If muscle contraction is causing a problem, chances are that Botox injections can help. Some of these muscle problems are “cosmetic” and some aren’t.

  1. Overactive Jaw Muscles: Have you ever known someone who clenches their teeth at night? Or even during the daytime? If you ask around, you’re sure to find someone who suffers from jaw pain because of this. People who do this chronically can actually grind down their teeth from the tremendous force of the masseter muscle, which is the strongest muscle in the face! Botox can take some of the force out of the muscle contractions and alleviate some of the pain associated with this problem.
  2. Bulky Jaw Muscles: A classic example of a “bulky” jaw is Real Housewife Bethenny Frankel. Bethenny is a gorgeous NYC girl, but her jaw is definitely the most noticeable feature of her face, which is probably not what she would prefer that we all notice. Bethenny probably has an overgrown (hypertrophied) masseter muscle, which is, at least in part, giving her that square masculine jaw. Repeated Botox injections can do wonders to soften the contour of her jaw as the masseter muscle become paralyzed and shrinks over time.
  3. Inactive Muscles: Anyone unlucky enough to experience Bell’s Palsy, which is a temporary (and sometimes permanent) paralysis of the facial nerve, will also appreciate the effects of Botox. You might now think Botox would help in a situation like this, but think again. Careful and selective Botox injections on the unaffected side of the face can be used to make the face more symmetrical until the palsy side regains function, or indefinitely if function doesn’t return. The same goes for permanent traumatic nerve injuries to the face.

Botox has also been used to treat tension headaches, overactive sphincter muscles in the esophagus, and to treat excessive sweating in the armpits, hands and feet… just to name a few more non-wrinkle-related uses.

So, Why Would An 18-Year Old Like Charice Get Botox?

I can’t speak for every 18-year old, but Charice’s alleged reason for getting injected has some merit. She’s vying for a spot on Glee, and she wants to look as young as possible for her appearance. What could possibly be keeping an 18-year old girl from looking young you ask?  The shape of her face…

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Charice has a very square face, which is the shape that the face takes on naturally as we get older. When we’re young, our faces are much more triangle, or “heart-shaped” because the soft tissues are supported over our cheekbones. As we get older, those tissues descend and turn the heart into a square. This is one of the most recognizable changes in the aging process (along with wrinkles), and it’s certainly not helping Charice right now!

It’s not that Charice looks “old”, because she doesn’t. It’s that she looks “older” than other girls in her position, and in the eyes of some cultures, she may look “less attractive” because of the shape of her face. And with truly global exposure nowadays, celebs like Charice want to be as attractive as possible in as many cultures as possible!

Charice is likely getting Botox for the same reason Bethenny Frankel should get it… to shrink her bulky masseter muscle and soften the contour of her jawline, which is a very reasonable thing for her to do given her celebrity status and the minimal risk involved. There’s a good chance that it will give her the heart-shaped look that’s she’s after, and not much of chance that she’ll have a problem from the treatment.

Is She Too Young?

So, how young is too young? That’s a tough question to answer, and it depends on the situation. In Charice’s case, I think it’s reasonable to give it a shot… pun intended again 🙂 It may very well enhance her career with very little risk, and minimal cost. The only problem may be that she develops a tolerance to the drug from using it long term (assuming that it works to soften her jawline), but you can easily make the argument for her to cross that bridge when she comes to it.

What do you think of Charice’s decision to go for Botox?

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10 responses to “18-Year Old Gets Botox! Is Charice Too Young?

  1. josh

    what I think she did not change anything from her face at all as you can see the shape of her face is desame as the old one.

    • MAS

      That’s a good point Josh, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and right now Charice is the beholder 🙂 At least Botox is a very safe, and completely temporary, way for her to modify her appearance. The effects only last as long as the drug is injected regularly, and the injections themselves are very safe.

      Thanks for your comment! Hope to hear from you again soon.

    • yeah your right man!!!

  2. Zee

    Charice loves her face, she didn’t change it at all. It was the MEDICAL procedure for her jaw problem, NOT cosmetic.
    People are seeing her face change it’s because she’s:
    1: still growing up, maturing and losing weight
    2: hair style; straight hair makes your face smaller
    3: camera/angle, let’s face it it makes you look big.
    Anyway we love Charice for who she is.

    • MAS

      Thanks for the comment, Zee! We love Charice too!
      As mentioned, Botox is frequently used to treat jaw problems and a number of other non-cosmetic issues. We think that Charice was lucky enough to get a double duty “shot” of Botox to help with her muscles and, subsequently, to soften the squareness of her face shape. This will lead to an even more youthful look as the 18 year old debuts her acting career on the high school based show, Glee.
      We can’t wait to see and hear what she does next 🙂

  3. joannaq

    wow miley miley miley

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  5. her face is same. It’s still square.

  6. and now charice is gorgeous!!!SEARCH-charice preview magazine shoot…she’e getting pretty every each day.

  7. that she wouldn’t excpet to see me until at least October or maybe have a top up for xmas (this was in February), I questioned it lasting that long and she said she only topped her own dysport up once a year, so this proves to me that it is alot stronger than botox. Botox would last about 7 months on me.A lady I work with who I know has dysport and I noticed in a meeting this week as her hair was tied back that her forehead muscles move in funny ways (I would never to rude enough to ask her about it) but it almost looks like her forehead is stretching. Luckily my spock’ eyebrows have relaxed and look like normal eyebrows now and I look so much healthier for having a bit of a tan due to the lovely sunny weather we have been having. I have got factor 50 for my face on holiday and a straw hat (after all I will never be putting a needle anywhere near my face again in this lifetime so need to protect my skin from the sun).I am absolutely sure that your’s and my face will return completely to normal, if you had nerve damage in your face on either side it would of dropped (like if you had a stroke). The doctor told me to thank my lucky stars that my face is still symetrical with no nerve damage and that it could take a long time for the muscles to retrain and look normal again.I do believe that by exercising your facial muscles each day this will speed the process up, I would think over the next couple of months yours should all suddenly disappear and return to normal. When I had botox it wasn’t really a gradual thing I would just suddenly notice over about a week that it had gone.The extra grey hairs you mentioned are definately due to all of the stress this has caused you, I feel like I have aged 15 years in the last 5 months I will never forget the year I was 40 that’s for sure!!I will contact you after my hols, god help me get on to that plane!! not something I am looking forward to.Sam. x

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