Lashes in Flashes! 3 Simple Steps for Fabulous Fake Eyelashes

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Long, lush lashes.

It’s not just a tongue twister, but rather, a beauty desire of every woman.  Everywhere you look someone is promising the lure of the lash. Lash Renewal, Revitalash, and of course Latisse have all become as common as a tube of mascara.

Sure they promise longer lashes, but there’s a price to pay. We’re talking about money and maybe a little more. These serums are serious! Why do you think you need a prescription for the best of the bunch?

As tempting as these new beauties are, I prefer to lash-out the old-school way instead . Read on to find out how to do fake lashes in a flash!

I was obsessed with my lashes long before Latisse, and I’ve tried every mascara known to man (or woman!).There are four eyelash curlers in my makeup drawer. But when I want some serious eye-popping drama, none of these comes close to a fabulous set of false lashes!

Strips and Grips

I’ve read a million times that individual lashes are the way to go, but I am a complete spaz at applying them. I have found that strips of lashes offer the most variety and ease of use.

You can choose a color to match your hair, complexion, or even your outfit. You can also pick the length, fullness, and flair of your lashes . Short, full, and flirty? Got it! Kim Kardashian doe eyes? Check! Whatever your lash-fantasy is, I promise it’s out there.

I love looking in Sephora or Ricky’s for some luxe looks and dance-floor drama, but for my everyday sexy I find that the local drug store beauty aisle completely fits the bill.

My brands of choice are Duo lash glue in clear, and Elite Eye Lashes. The glue lasts all day, but comes off painlessly and isn’t irritating. The lashes come  in tons of lengths and styles all of which are well-made and super inexpensive (about $4 at Duane Reade)!

Ready! Set! Faux!

Follow these three simple steps to apply like a pro. I suggest trying this out when you have free time until you get the hang of it. Practice makes pretty!

Step 1:

Trim the inner portion of the lash-strip by a few strands. If the strip is too long, it will irritate your eye and look super fake.  It should start at the beginning of your own lash line of and extend to the outer corner of your eye.

Step 2:

Apply a thin strip of  glue along the edge of the lash-strip (you can apply it right over any existing adhesive). Now wait 30 seconds! Seriously, count it This allows the glue to set and makes application easier.

Step 3:

Pick the strip up by the ends of the lashes. Close your eye a little and tilt your head back. Line the strip up and gently place it as close to your lash line as possible. Lightly tap it against your eyelid to be sure it’s in place. You can also apply a little pressure to the point of contact to secure it fully.

I like to follow up with a quick swipe of liner to blend in the lash line. I also bring my Duo with me just in case. I figure that just like when you have something in your teeth, no one will tell you that your eyelashes seem to be dangling off! To remove the lashes, gently lift them off from the inside to outside. They will peel off without pain and you can use them again.

Look at you, Sexy! With a little practice and a lot of choice, false lashes are an inexpensive, effective, and easy way to look your loveliest any day. Practice and patience will have you fluttery and flirting all day and night long. Skip those serious serums and fake your way to gorgeous new lengths!

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3 responses to “Lashes in Flashes! 3 Simple Steps for Fabulous Fake Eyelashes

  1. Hi Karen… Just want to you to know that I truly respect your opinion on using fake eyelashes and that this is indeed a very detail procedure..great post actually. I would just like to share my opinion bout it. Fake eyelashes are indeed cheaper over eyelash growth solutions but they are actually more risky. Eyelash growth solutions like Latisse is an FDA approved, ophthalmic drug product that is not expected to cause harm even if it gets into the eyes. The eye does not need to be rinsed as well. SO you can be sure that it is safe to use. Unlike with false eyelashes, mascaras can cause abrasion when it accidentally gets in to the eyes which lead to infections and worst, more serious conditions. Although they are cheaper, note they are also disposable so you will just keep on buying new ones. Unlike when you have your eyelash grow, you will enjoy it for the rest of your life without the need to continue using Latisse. So why fake it if you can have them real?

    • MAS

      Hi Kay! Thanks for the comment. As I mentioned, putting on lashes is as easy as applying your eyeliner or popping in your contacts. Latisse is super popular, but to me, the mild chance of a pigmentation problem isn’t worth it. It’s also pricy compared to $3 every month, you need a prescription in most states, and it is medication.

      I would also like to point out that it is NOT permanent! Latisse works only as long as you are using it. Just like your hair, your eyelashes grow and fall out. You have to continue to use Latisse indefinitely to continue to have those long lashes. Latisse also will not give you FULL lashes, just length, so for you ladies looking to thicken up, try some full-falsies instead.

      Good marketing, Kay. Readers, any other comments?

  2. To be able to know which of these products,
    for there are numerous eyelash growth products, are considered the best,
    you can consult a trusted website that provides an unbiased review.
    I have not had them myself but I have had several clients that did and they were happy
    with them for the first week but for the price whether you can afford it
    or not, it is definitely not worth it. Revita –
    Lash is another growth serum which comes with a pair of mascara to enhance the look of
    eyelashes until your lashes have grown long enough.

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