Getting Old is the PITTS! How to Use Radiesse to Restore Youthful Cheeks

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Brad Pitt was feeling a bit down it seems, but  he got back up with some help from his plastic surgeon!

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Earlier this month, The National Enquirer reported that Brad Pitt has undergone Radiesse filler injections as a way to make his face look smoother and younger. Apparently, he has been hiding under that scraggly “beard” because he was so self-conscious about how he was aging!

Thankfully, his youthful wishes must have  been fulfilled because he finally shaved! We have to agree that he looks as radiant and as youthful as ever, despite a grueling schedule and beyond busy family life.

Read on to find out how to restore and refresh your face with the fabulous filler, Radiesse!

Refill and Refresh

Radiesse is an injectable filler made from calcium.  It is by far the best filler choice when it comes to restoring mid-facial and cheek volume.  Youthfulness in the face can typically be identified by the amount of fullness in the cheeks and mid-face region. As we age, this area tends to get gaunt and gravity pulls it downwards, resulting in hollowness in the cheeks and heavier smile lines.

Injecting Radiesse into the mid-face region can drastically and naturally restore a more youthful look, with little-to-no pain or downtime. Depending on the severity of the hollowness, often multiple syringes of Radiesse are used.  These uplifting, youthful results can even last upwards of one year.

Radiesse is typically injected deep along the cheekbone, similar to how cheek implants are used.  The benefit of an injectable implant verses a surgical pre-made implant, is that injectable fillers can be highly customized to suit a patient’s needs while looking extremely natural.  You can also do as little or as much as you would like and can add more at any time!

Save Face by Staying Safe

You should be wary of  an injector who does NOT address the mid-face region.  This is an area that is often overlooked by rookie injectors because it requires more advanced technique and artistry. Often times, patients come in wanting their “smile lines” filled.  I would consider it disservice to any patient to not address the actual problem, which is the effects of gravity on the cheek and mid-face region.  Overfilled smile lines give a chimpanzee-like appearance by being too full around the mouth and too hollow in the mid-face. Not the look you are aiming for, no doubt!

As we all know by now, Brad won’t settle for less than perfect!  I have to agree that this was the best possible thing that he could have done to restore that hunky youthfulness that we have all grown to love.

We’re so happy that he banished that beard. Aging is the Pitts, but that facial faux pas was even worse!

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Institute Manager, Aesthetic and Clinical Skincare
Marina Plastic Surgery Associates

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