Lisa Rinna’s Lumpy Lips!

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Lisa Rinna recently came clean to People Mag about having “corrective” surgery on her upper lip to fix some lumps and bumps that resulted from silicone injections she got back in the 1980’s.

Keep Reading to find out more about why Lisa got stuck dealing with Lumpy Lips!

Lumpy Lips

Lumps are one of the main things to watch out for with lip augmentation. The problem is that the muscles around the mouth are always moving… talking, puckering, kissing, chewing, talking, talking, talking… 🙂 All that movement massages whatever material was placed there into little balls, which are the lumps that can develop over time.

It’s a Catch-22

This is where the catch-22 of lip augmentation comes into play. Everyone wants a lip filler that lasts a long time, but the longest lasting fillers are the ones that give you the highest chance of lumps and bumps!

Long Lasting = Lumps

The longest lasting fillers, like Restylane and Radiesse, are also the “hardest” fillers, which means that they aren’t the best choices for sensitive spots, like the lips, or for areas where the skin is very thin, like under the eyes. Restylane and Radiesse may last longer than softer fillers like Juvederm and Perlane, but the longer they last, the more time your lip muscles have to massage them into little lumpy balls.

Silicone = Bad Idea!

Now, we just explained the fact that the longer-lasting, harder fillers are not the way to go for lip augmentation, so here’s something else to think about… silicone is permanent! It never dissolves away! You mouth will have a lifetime to massage it into lumps and bumps, and then you’re stuck with those lumps for as long as you live… major bummer!

This is the situation Lisa found herself in, and she ended up having to go under the knife to fix it!

While most modern-day plastic surgeons agree that injecting free silicone into any part of your body is a BAD idea, you can still find places that will do it. There’s another story in the news almost every month about bogus cosmo-wanna-be’s injecting silicone into lips and booty’s all over the country, and unfortunately some of those stories end badly 😦  Don’t do it!

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