Lighten Up! The Top 3 Ways to Get Rid of Dark Under Eye Circles

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Are “raccoon eyes”  ruining your beauty routine? Are you tired of being asked if you’re tired?

Dark under eye circles are a frequent annoyance.  For some of us they appear after a night of too much fun or too much stress, and for others they are chronic.  But why?

There are as many causes for dark circles as there are solutions so let me help to navigate the noise. Read on as I shed some light on those dark under-eye circles and give you the top three tips to get rid of them!

Partying vs. You Parents

Dermatologists say that dark circles are the result of dilated blood vessels and capillaries that sit close the skin.  When they constrict they retain blood, and this causes the skin to appear blue.  The condition affects our under-eye area because this is where our skin is thinnest and most delicate.  Non-chronic causes of constriction include dehydration( all those cosmos!), a lack of vitamin K or iron, or fatigue, all of which can be cured by simple lifestyle changes.

However, in a New York Times article, Dr. Diane Berson, an assistant professor of dermatology at Cornell University, said the most common causes of dark circles have nothing to do with lifestyle, but are usually a combination of heredity and genetics.  And, since they are a result of excess pigmentation in the skin, they will continue to appear no matter how healthy we are.

Enlighten Me!

So does this mean that if we’re genetically predisposed to dark circles, we have to suffer through them for the rest of our lives?  Not at all.  Three different therapies have worked for thousands of people, and choosing the right one for you will depend entirely on your situation.

1. Skin Creams

The first line of defense against under eye circles is skin creams.  Doctors who lead the research and development teams at Clinique and Oil of Olay advise that if you are going to buy a product, make sure it contains either plumping agents or alphahydroxy acids.  These active ingredients can thicken or inflame the skin, and add volume.  Other ingredients to look for are  Vitamins C and K, Hydroquinone (a bleaching agent) and Retinol as they help skin maintain texture and elasticity. As always, check your package instructions and use care when applying anything near your eyes.

2. Skin Peels

Mild peels are effective at lightening under eye pigmentation.  A key ingredient to look for in any skin peel is glycolic acid. Glycolic acid works as an exfoliant, penetrating damaged skin and “burning off” the top layer of skin.  When washed off, it leaves behind smoother skin that is also more youthful looking.

3. Juvederm  & Restylane

If skin creams and peels aren’t doing the job, the best option to bring your eyes out of the shadows is injections of Juvederm or Restylane.  These two skin-filling agents are widely used by cosmetic doctors to fill in areas around the lips, eyes and cheeks.  Both products contain hyaluronic acid (a naturally occurring substance in our bodies) and when injected under the eye area, they help plump up hollow areas.  One round of injections lasts approximately six months.

Don’t get left in the dark with your under-eye circles. Take my advice and see your favorite plastic surgeon, esthetician, or dermatologist to get rid of those raccoon eyes. Lighten up and be lovely!

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