3 Things You Never Knew You Could Inject

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The list of uses for injectables and fillers is expanding every day. Products like Juvederm and Restylane are no longer confined to the lips, and are now moving south to other areas.

Keep reading to check out the 3 things you never knew you could inject!

#1  G-spot

Thanks to Dr. Matlock (a cosmo-gyn in Beverly Hills), G-spot injections are all the rage lately… if you can stand the idea of a needle down there! It’s supposedly a great way to enhance the pleasure you get when your Grafenburg spot gets revved up. The procedure is done under local anesthesia in the office and takes about 10-15 minutes. Click here to learn more!

#2  Belly Button

Got an innie, but want an outie? Or some other shape? As you wish… a little filler can go a long way towards changing the shape of your belly button, and since bikini season is coming, it’s not a bad time to ask your favorite plastic surgeon about it.

#3  Nipples

If you’re a hardcore filler fan, you’ll love this one! Fillers can be used to enhance the nipples that you might already love, or to correct unsightly inverted nipples without surgery. Some women claim increased sensitivity after filler injections, so use caution if you’ve had the other sensitive area injected too… we don’t want you to spontaneously combust on your next hot date 🙂

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nicholas vendemia on facebook, mas, manhattan aesthetic surgery Follow MAS on Facebook

nicholas vendemia on twitter, mas, manhattan aesthetic surgery Follow MAS on Twitter

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