“DIY” Botox

DIY Botox, Do it yourself Botox, Botox injections. how much does Botox cost?I recently came across an article about DIY Botox… and if you are thinking “DIY” stands for “Do it Yourself”, you are correct!

It’s pretty easy to find super cheap DIY Botox kits online, but trust me, its not as great as it sounds! Not only are these kits illegal in the United States, most of them do not even contain real Botox!!

Continue Reading to learn more about the dangers of Do It Yourself Botox!

Botox Injections Are Serious Business

Botox injections are not something that should be taken lightly. There can be complications with any Botox or filler injection, and only trained clinicians know how to prevent them (and in their hands those complications are extremely rare). That being said, there are whole slew of potentially serious and life threatening complications that go along with injecting counterfeit products on your own… and the only person who can prevent those kind of complications is YOU!

DIY Botox Kits May Not Be Sterile

These “Botox kits” are not legal in the U.S., and are definitely not FDA approved. This means that the usual safety regulations are NOT enforced on the manufacturers, and proper testing on the products are not required. Because of the lack of regulations, there is a very high chance that the products themselves were not prepared in a sterile environment, which can lead to infections and abscesses when it is injected.

Qualified Injectors Spend Years in Training

Real Botox is expensive to buy, and you must be a physician to purchase it in the United States. Additionally, when you pay for Botox treatments, you are paying for a very qualified clinician to inject the product into the correct places. Personally, I wouldn’t want anyone injecting products into my face that has not spent years learning both the anatomy of the face, as well as where the products should be placed!

The Bottom Line

Bottom line, you get what you pay for. Trying to buy and use products that are not FDA approved and are not performed by a qualified practiioner is a risk that I would personally never take. Even though these illegal DIY Botox kits are cheaper, I would feel much more comfortable paying a little more in order to get a great result without worrying about infections and other serious complications. Experience injectors can give you a beautiful result that just isn’t possible to do on your own!

Before and After Botox by NYC Plastic Surgeon Dr Nicholas Vendemia of MAS | 917-703-7069

What do you think? Would you ever try injecting Botox yourself?

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