SweatLipo: Laser Lipo for Excessive Sweating

DID YOU KNOW that a laser can be used to permanently reduce the number of hyperactive sweat glands in the same way that it reduces the number fat cells during laser liposuction?

Well, it’s true, and that is why you may sometimes see this procedure referred to as “SweatLipo”. There is no actual liposuction involved in the treatment of excessive sweating, but the laser fiber that is used can be the same or similar in both procedures.

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Do laser treatments for excessive sweating actually work?

Recent studies using the SLIM Laser platform have shown that 91% of patients experienced a significant reduction in axillary sweating after a single laser treatment, and nearly 100% had a drastic and permanent reduction within two treatments.

Are the results from laser treatments permanent?

The patients who participated in the most recent study using the SLIM Laser fiber (SweatLipo) have all been sweat-free since their initial treatment several years ago.

Are there any other treatments available for excessive sweating?

  1. Antiperspirants: Clinical strength anti-perspirants are without a doubt the simplest and cheapest option to treat hyperhidrosis, but the success rate with moderate to severe sweating is fairly low.
  2. Botox: Botox is an excellent, long-lasting treatment for hyperhidrosis of the armpits and hands. The procedure is nearly painless when performed properly, and takes only about 30 minutes. Most patients will notice an excellent response within 2-3 weeks after their treatment, and will only need to repeat the procedure once a year.
  3. Microwave Devices: There are a variety of microwave technologies on the market that claim to offer permanent results, but the reviews have been mixed. Many patients claim that the treatments are painful, and need to be repeated several times in order to get results, but the technology is promising nonetheless.

How can I get more information about the SLIM Laser, or about other treatments for hyperhidrosis?

If you would like more information about laser treatments for axillary hyperhidrosis, or if you would like to schedule a consultation, feel free to call or text us at 917-703-7069, or send us a message though our website by clicking here.

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