VOLUMA isn’t all about volume…

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Juvederm is adding a new member to it’s already outstanding lineup of injectable soft tissue fillers. it’s called VOLUMA, but it’s not all about volume…

Juvederm VOLUMA is about maximum lift, which is not the same thing as volume. VOLUMA has a much higher G1 (“G-prime”) than Juvederm Ultra or Ultra Plus, and that means that it’s designed for lifting, not for plumping. It should be a great addition to an experienced injector’s armamentarium to lift the mid face soft tissue by injecting it deeply into the cheekbones, submalar hollows, and jawline. The deep injection technique may not be safe with less experience practitioners, so this new product may not be for everyone. Make sure you assess your injector for their comfort level with very deep injections since that’s a necessary part of the process with VOLUMA.

VOLUMA will likely be a key competitor for Sculptra, which is currently marketed by it’s parent company as the Liquid Facelift product. Voluma’s main benefit over Sculptra is that the results of Voluma are seen immediately… this is not the case with Sculptra. In addition, since Voluma is an HA (hyaluronic acid) filler, it can be reversed… Sculptra cannot. Sculptra is a fantastic product for the cheekbones, under eyes, and mid face though, and it lasts longer than any product, so don’t count it out just yet. Click here to learn more about Sculptra if you’re interested.

Juvederm VOLUMA is expected to be available in December of 2013, so if you are as excited about it as we are, feel free to give our office a  call at 917-703-7069, or send us a message through our website by clicking here.

Nicholas Vendemia, M.D.
Plastic Surgeon New York

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    It’s been about a month since I took the plunge with Voluma and I love it! My cheekbones are defined with a youthful lift to my cheeks and even though I just had a birthday that pushed me into the “dark side” of my 30’s, I look better than I did 10 years ago! Voluma is a definite game-changer in the world of fillers offering superior volume and lift (formerly only available with Sculptra) with instant results. Thinking about refreshing your look? I say Spring-forward with Voluma this season!

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