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Treating freckles and sun spots with IPL

IPL treatments for summer sun damage and freckles

If you’re looking to brighten your skin by reducing sun spots and freckles, consider a series of 3-4 treatments to get your skin ready for the next sunshine season. Fall and winter is the perfect time to catch up on the damage done by the summer sun, and restore your skin’s natural glow before the next vacation season.

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VOLUMA isn’t all about volume…

juvederm voluma details, luvederm voluma vs radiesse, voluma vs sculptra

Juvederm is adding a new member to it’s already outstanding lineup of injectable soft tissue fillers. it’s called VOLUMA, but it’s not all about volume…

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Treating Migraines with Botox

botox injections for migraines by new york botox expert dr nicholas vendemia of manhattan aesthetic surgeryFive years ago it was difficult to find anyone who performs Botox treatments for migraine headaches, but nowadays there are a variety of physicians (and many non-physicians) advertising for this specialized service.

There’s certainly nothing wrong with having options, but it’s helpful to be educated about what makes a Botox treatment successful for migraines, and what might be a waste of money.

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Liquid Rhinoplasty. Is a nonsurgical nosejob right for you?

liquid rhinoplasty nonsurgical nosejobNonsurgical procedures are becoming more popular all the time, and the nonsurgical rhinoplasty, otherwise known as the Liquid Rhinoplasty, is no exception.

A liquid rhinoplasty can be a fantastic procedure that is a fraction of the cost, and carries almost no downtime, as compared to a surgical rhinoplasty, as long as your goals are in line with what the procedure can accomplish.

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Woman spent two months in the hospital after injections at a spa!

In today’s world of beautiful decors, impressive websites, and eye-catching advertisements, it is quite difficult to know that the person you’re trusting to do your injectables is qualified to being doing it. Spas and “media-spas” are constantly bombarding the public with special offers and enticing deals for Botox and fillers at “better than physician” prices, but bargain shopping in the cosmetic industry isn’t always the best idea, and can sometimes be devastating like it was for this woman. Please make sure you know whether or not your injector is qualified, and don’t let price be the deciding factor. You may save a few hundred dollars at a medi-spa, but you may end up spending thousands to correct what goes wrong. Read the full story by clicking here, and as always, let us know if you have any questions or comments. We’re always happy to help.

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SweatLipo: Laser Lipo for Excessive Sweating

DID YOU KNOW that a laser can be used to permanently reduce the number of hyperactive sweat glands in the same way that it reduces the number fat cells during laser liposuction?

Well, it’s true, and that is why you may sometimes see this procedure referred to as “SweatLipo”. There is no actual liposuction involved in the treatment of excessive sweating, but the laser fiber that is used can be the same or similar in both procedures.

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LiteTouch Laser Skin Tightening™

laser skin tightening by plastic surgeon new york dr nicholas vendemia of hasIf you’re looking for tighter skin with less fine lines and wrinkles, and a smoother, more youthful texture, laser skin tightening might be the answer!

Nonsurgical technology is one of the most rapidly advancing sections of the cosmetic world, and that means tremendous results are now possible without surgery. In the past, tighter, smoother skin was only possible with face, eye, or neck lifting surgery, but now deep dermal heating with highly specialized lasers can accomplish similar results with almost no downtime!

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