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Bristol Palin’s “Jaw Dropping” Plastic Surgery

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Bristol Palin was reported to have jaw surgery recently to move her entire lower jaw forward and down in an effort to improve the alignment of her teeth and the overall look of her face.

Bristol is very happy with the procedure since she feels like she looks “older and more mature”, which we agree with. “She definitely looks more mature, especially in profile, and her face is in better proportion with her newly positioned jaw”, says New York Plastic Surgeon Dr. Nicholas Vendemia.

Dr. Vendemia adds, “For the most part, I think Bristol’s surgery was a success, but there are alternatives to having such a big operation with an extended recovery like Bristol’s procedure.”

Keep Reading to find out what other less invasive options Bristol may have had to re-contour her chin and jaw…

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Lisa Rinna’s Lumpy Lips!

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Lisa Rinna recently came clean to People Mag about having “corrective” surgery on her upper lip to fix some lumps and bumps that resulted from silicone injections she got back in the 1980’s.

Keep Reading to find out more about why Lisa got stuck dealing with Lumpy Lips!

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Ricky Martin’s Botox Blooper!

Check out Ricky’s Botox Blooper on HSPS!

Click Here

Ricky Martin's Botox Blooper! P … Read More

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Will Rhianna Need Laser Tattoo Removal for Her Neck Tat Typo?

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Rhianna is such a “Flower Rebel”… or maybe a “Rebel Flower”? Wait, we’re actually not sure which one she is 🙂

According to a recent report by, Rhianna got a new neck tat in NYC that might be backwards! The tattoo officially says “Rebelle Fleur” (French), but it translates into two different English meanings depending on whether or not it’s used in a sentence.

If is stands alone, it translates to “Rebel Flower”, but if it’s in a sentence, it says “Flower Rebel”. We not sure which Rhianna translation she intended, but we’re assuming she doesn’t want to be a Flower Rebel… mostly because we have no idea what that means 🙂

Since she’s no stranger to tat’s, she’ll probably keep it as is, but let’s say that she changes her mind in the future… just like millions of people do every year! Could she have it removed?

Keep Reading to find out…

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The Top 5 Signs of Too Much Plastic Surgery

The best plastic surgery is the kind that you have to wonder whether or not something was actually done.

You should be a “refreshed” version of yourself, not a changed version of yourself… and definitely not somebody else altogether! Subtle changes are the key… subtle, subtle, subtle…

And then there are the not-so-subtle…

Check out this article on the Top 5 Signs of Too Much Plastic Surgery! You’ll freak when you see how far some celebs go…

The Top 5 Signs of Too Much Plastic Surgery, celebrity plastic surgery, celebrity cosmetic surgery, bad plastic surgery, awful plastic surgery Everyone looked fabulous at the  Costume Institute Gala at the Met in NYC yesterday! We can’t remember the last time we saw so many beautiful people under one roof, and so little obvious plastic surgery. That’s not true of every red carpet event though, so the next time you’re eyeballing some celebs, keep an eye out for the top 5 signs that they’ve had a little … Read More

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18-Year Old Gets Botox! Is Charice Too Young?

Filipino singing sensation Charice recently made the news… not because she went on tour, but because she went to get Botox! What in the world would make this beautiful 18-year old think that she needs Botox?

Keep Reading to find out…

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Courtney Cox Loves Botox!

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The fabulous 46 year old star of the new hit series Cougar Town admits to loving Botox for keeping her skin looking better than most women half her age!

“I don’t have a problem with any of that stuff. If it makes you feel better about yourself, and it’s done properly, then fine”, says Courtney in her recent interview with InStyle Mag.

In addition to Courtney’s Botox visits, she’s undoubtedly got a flawless skincare regimen. There’s no other way that she could have such smooth supple skin without one. Click here to read more about the 5 Essential Components of any good skincare regimen.

Thinking about Botox, but want to know what it’s like to get needled? Check out one of our top blogger’s experience with her first Botox treatment! Click here.

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Photo Credit: InStyle

NOTICE: None of the celebrities or individuals discussed here have ever received treatment, surgery, medical advice, or evaluations from any author, physician, surgeon, or representative of this blog. All images and photos in this article represent models only. No actual patients or clients are shown.

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