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Study Says Botox Treats Depression!

A new study from German researchers suggests that Botox is an effective treatment for clinical depression!

In their study, men and women being pharmacologically treated for clinical depression received Botox injections to their glabellar region (the area between the eyes), and their level of depression was assessed 6 weeks later. In 80% of these patients, their level of depression improved significantly (in both subjective and objective measures). The patients noted that they generally felt better, and their scores on scientific examinations designed to measure their level of depression improved. In the placebo group, only 20% of patients noted an improvement.

“This is a very interesting study,” says New York Plastic Surgeon Dr. Nicholas Vendemia. “There are quite a few people in Manhattan that deal with significant levels of stress on a daily basis, and I’ve heard from many of them that they generally ‘feel better’ after their Botox treatments. They say things like ‘I just don’t feel as stressed out when my Botox kicks in’, and I’ve been hearing these testimonials so frequently that it is ironic that this study was just published.”

Dr. Vendemia adds, “It makes sense if you think about it. When you look angry, frustrated or tired all the time, people react to you as if you are those things, and that starts a feedback loop that can become a vicious cycle that keeps you feeling angry, frustrated and tired. Botox interrupts that feedback loop,  and not only changes how you feel, but changes how others react to you.”

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