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Botox vs Dysport… Your Questions Answered!

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For a long time, Botox has been the only contender in the ring in the U.S. when it comes to getting rid of deep facial lines. But Botox just got some competition.

Dysport, which was approved for sale and use in the U.S. by the FDA just last year, is the new botulinum toxin on the block. Since its approval, it has been adopted by many cosmetic surgeons. Many are finding that some of their patients not only like Dysport, but actually prefer it over Botox for their wrinkle-reducing needs.

The Dysport vs. Botox debate is a hot topic in the cosmetic world these days. From how effective each product is in comparison to the other to how much they cost, with all these questions floating around it can be hard to keep the facts straight.

What do you need to know about  Botox vs Dysport? Read on to find out!

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My First Time Getting Botox! Find out how it went…

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What trip to LA is complete without a visit to a Plastic Surgeon’s office?

On my  trip to Southern California this week,  I had the pleasure of  getting a first hand look into one of LA’s premier aesthetic practices, Marina Plastic Surgery Associates, located in Marina del Rey. I wanted to get the lowdown on “Beauty Without The Blade” right from the center of the Plastic  Surgery universe. This is definitely it!

With a highly selective group of the best physician assistants (PA’s) and clinical aestheticians, Marina Plastic Surgery gets the job done with their impressive list of services including injectables, fillers, and non invasive procedures, such as facials and laser treatmentseven permanent makeup!

Here’s what I learned about Botox Cosmetic and Dysport from Laura Pietrzak, PA, one of The Institute managers in charge of aesthetic and clinical skin care

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