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Lip Enhancement: Commentary from a Makeup Artist and a Plastic Surgeon

How to choose a lipstick, how to choose a lipstick color, Demure Makeup by LindseyLINDSEY LOPEZ: Professional Makeup Artist, San Antonio, TX

As a professional makeup artist, I’ve noticed a trend that has me wondering. LIPS!

I have seen some overdone lips that no longer have a natural look. In fact it looks like some have bad allergies or puffiness from waking up after a long nap. And, I have to say, that using nude lipstick on over-filled lips confuses me as a makeup artist. The cracks in the lips are emphasized with some nude lip colors making large lips look milky and not very luscious. Additionally, if you are wearing nude lipstick, you are taking away from them which makes me wonder why you got them fuller in the first place.

If you want fuller lips, my recommendation is to attract attention to them with color! Also some face shapes and eye shapes look better with smaller lips. It really comes down to personal preference and what makes you SMILE! J Makeup is meant to enhance your features and many products can do that for you.

New York Plastic Surgeon Dr Nicholas Vendemia MD of MAS | Manhattan Aesthetic Surgery Plastic Surgery New York Plastic Surgeon NYCNICHOLAS VENDEMIA, M.D.: Plastic Surgeon New York City

Lip enhancement is one of the most difficult injectible procedures, so it’s no wonder that there are so many overfilled, unnatural trout pouts! Here are my recommendations to make sure your lips turn out to be luscious instead of laughable:

  1. FIND AN EXPERIENCED INJECTOR: We’ve all heard the old adage, “you’re good at what you do”, and it couldn’t be more true for advanced injections like lips and cheekbones. You definitely want to have your lips done by someone who is qualified to be doing injections in the first place, and by someone who does lots of lips (not many doctors do). Don’t be shy about asking your plastic surgeon about his or her level of experience with lip enhancement, and make sure that you trust their answer before you dive in!
  2. LOOK AT BEFORE & AFTER PHOTOS: One of the easiest (and best) ways to find out whether or not your injector is experienced with lip enhancement is to ask for Before & After photos. If they do not have any, or if their photos do not show consistently excellent results, you should probably go elsewhere.
  3. BE REALISTIC: Lips come in all shapes and sizes. Some are extremely thin, while others are enviably full without any enhancement whatsoever. If you’re in the thin category, even the most experienced injector won’t be able to give you Angelina Jolie’s level of plump, and if you let them try, you’ll wind up looking like one of the Beverly Hills Housewives! Lip enhancement is not about having a “fuller” or larger lip. It’s about having more of the pink part of your lip (the vermillion) visible, about having the perfect balance between your upper and lower lips, and about smoothing out wrinkles on the lip surface. Your lips should not be bigger and puffier after lip injections that are done well… they should just look prettier!
  4. GET SOME MAKEUP TIPS FROM A PRO: If your lips are extremely thin, remember, be realistic, and use a combination of subtle lip enhancement with a product like Juvederm, and a makeup lesson from a pro like Lindsey! Juvederm will allow more of the pink part of your lip to show so that Lindsey has a bigger canvas to work with, and as she said, a splash of the right color goes a long way towards lips that appear fuller and more fabulous!
  5. IF YOU GOT BAD LIP INJECTIONS, THEY CAN BE FIXED: If you’re not happy with the result of your lip augmentation, don’t lose hope. Most of the time, there are ways to improve the results, especially if you’ve been injected with a hyaluronic acid (HA) filler like Juvederm or Restylane.

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