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Lisa’s Lumpy Lips! Longer lasting fillers aren’t the best option… (via Celebrity Plastic Surgery)

Think permanent fillers are the way to go for Lip Augmentation? Think again… Check out this great article on the risks of using permanent and long-lasting fillers in the lips.

Lisa's Lumpy Lips! Longer lasting fillers aren't the best option... Last year, we told you about Lisa Rinna’s corrective lip surgery that she needed to fix the lumpy oversized lips she got from silicone injections. As you can see, her lips look dramatically better than they did when they were overflowing with silicone, but that doesn’t mean Lisa is out of the woods in terms of developing further problems. She was most likely attracted to the idea of using silicone to augment her lips because silicone is a permane … Read More

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Does Botox Prevent Wrinkles?

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As we age, wrinkles appear because of the repetitive contraction of facial muscles. Botox works by relaxing these muscles and decreasing stress on the deep layers of the skin. We all know that Botox is the best treatment for wrinkles, frown lines, and crow’s feet, but can it actually prevent those stubborn lines in the first place?

Read on to find out…

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Does Green Tea cause extra bruising after Botox and Filler injections??

Green tea causes easy bruising, bruising after injectibles, bruising after botox, bruising after juvederm, Botox New York City, Juvederm, Radiesse, RestylaneGreen tea is full of powerful antioxidants, which have great health benefits, such as a decreased risk for heart disease, increased ability to fight certain cancers, anti-inflammatory effects, weight loss, and an increased longevity. However, if you are taking green tea supplements, or drink a large amount of green tea daily, you also need to be aware of the side effects.

What many people don’t know is that large amounts of green tea (particularly green tea extract) can have a powerful blood-thinning effect. This makes it difficult for your body to form a blood clot, and may lead to excessive bleeding and bruising after any invasive procedure or surgery (including injections and small in-office procedures). The blood thinning effects of green tea are most profound with consumption of 10 or more cups a day, which is a “dose” that can be easily exceeded with supplements like green tea extract.

This is not to say that you should stop your green tea… just be aware of it’s effects as a blood-thinner, and make sure to tell your health care provider if you take it (or any other herbal supplement for that matter).  Most of us wouldn’t think of telling your plastic surgeon that we take green tea supplements before having something as simple as a Botox injection, but this piece of information is actually a very important one. The effects of high-dose green tea can be powerful enough to result in significant bruising even from the tiniest needles and the smallest procedures, so don’t forget to say “green tea” when your doc asks “What medications do you take?”

For more information on green tea, visit the following websites:



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The 3 Golden Rules For Lip Injections… Forget the Trout Pout!


Lindsay Lohan lip injections, Lindsay Lohan is going to jail, lindsay lohan plastic surgery, lip augmentation, lip injections, celebrity plastic surgery, celebrity cosmetic surgery, juvederm, restylane


Lindsanity Lohan is finally going to get punished for being such a hot mess!

And as an added bonus, we’ll get a break from her fishy looking lip injections for 90 days. Hopefully most of her Juvederm will have dissolved by then and we won’t have to see the trout pout anymore 🙂

Lindsanity definitely had a thin upper lip before she got them injected, so she was a reasonable candidate for lip augmentation with fillers like Juvederm. The person who injected her didn’t follow the rules for great looking lips though…

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Fantastic Filler Facts! 3 Things You Never Knew You Could Inject

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The list of uses for injectables and fillers is expanding every day. Products like Juvederm and Restylane are no longer confined to the lips, and are now moving south to other areas.

Keep reading to check out the 3 things you never knew you could inject!

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Lip Injections: 5 Lessons for Luscious Lips

lip augmentation : Juvederm : Restylane : Botox : Alloderm : fat injections


Keep reading and learn the 5 ways you can have full luscious lips like these!

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When Lip Injections Go Wrong… Way Wrong!

OK, don’t get too freaked out by what you are about to see. Wait, what am I saying? Go ahead and freak out because this is ridiculous!!!

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